We currently apply two programs which are traditional education of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Japan.

The traditional program of Ministry of Education is a form of teaching in which the child plays a central role with the help of a teacher. The child solves complex learning task in the class in theory and practice. Thereby children create their own products and can introduce them to everyone.

With traditional methods, teachers play a leading role as the guide to help children to learn.

According to Ministry of Education, self-reliance and activities encourage children to develop creativity, accountability, teamwork skills and especially  solving complex problems.

The Japanese Education Method (JEM) is a method of raising children with a kind heart, self-reliance and cooperation.

  • A Kind Heart: A child that loves and wants to build trusting relationships, recognizes, cares for others, and shows it sincerely toward everyone.
  • Self-reliance: The program fosters the ability of kids to think and act on their own; Children are interested in the things and people around them.
  • Cooperative: Children can cooperate towards common goals but still know how to raise their own opinions; know how to pay attention to the other’s feelings, and know how to care about others.