Dear Parents,

The first word, I would like to send my sincere thanks to all the Parents and Friends for believing and accompany the school in the past 18 years.

Our school was established in 2002 with the name Hoa Mai Private Preschool, in Binh Tri Dong B ward, is achieved

the quality of education at level 2 (a very honor award from the Education Department), and also got the excellent rank for many consecutive years by the City People’s Committee.

Hoa Mai Preschool has 10 class groups with the number of students ranging from 297 to 300 students, total 34 teachers with professional qualifications from college to university level.

The number of classroom standard is from 20 to 25 children for early age, and from 30 to 35 children for 3 to 6 years old. Our clean classrooms and kitchen ensure hygiene and safety of food for our students.

The teaching activities were carried out according to the physiological appropriate requirements and the rules of Early Childhood Education Department. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your kids to visit our school.

Best regards .


Childhood is the time when children start acquiring knowledge and forming personalities. Therefore, at this age, children need to be living in a safe, friendly and effective environment for learning and development. To do this, the school pursues the following five principles as a guideline for all programs and activities as follows:

1 / Building positive relationships and interactions between children and teachers is the foundation for their successful learning.

2 / Social-emotional competence is a factor of academic success.

3 / Play activities must be designed in the direction and intended to supplement learning.

4 / The modern facilities will bring good learning for kids.

5 / The cooperation between the school and family improves the quality of children’s development and learning.